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NAHFE facilitates individual mentoring opportunities for NAHFE members. The programs aims to help members that want to focus on professional development goals with guidance from an experienced leader. Mentors are members of the Senior Executive Services, volunteer career coaches, and/or highly-qualified GS-14/15s. Mentors and mentees benefit from an exchange of information, ideas, and perspectives.

The mentoring program will provide mentoring, networking, career development training, and leadership development activities for NAHFE members selected to participate.




Aligned with the Executive Core Qualifications (ECQ's)

Forward Thinking

21 St Century Leadership Concepts and Management Philosophies

  • Leading Change
  • Leading People
  • Results Driven
  • Business Acumen
  • Building Coalitions
  • Progressive thinking
  • Challenge the old ways
  • Be pragmatic
  • The Latino Executive Manifesto
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Whole person concept
  • Learning is a lifetime process
  • 360 degree view of the world
  • Adapting to change

To be a Mentor

Program Components

Flash Mentoring




  • Orientation
  • Mentor/Mentee meetings
  • Leadership workshops
  • Networking
  • Resource sharing
  • NAHFE organizes Flash Mentoring events.
  • Participants are assigned to small groups.
  • Each group meets with each mentor for about 10-15 minutes.
  • Senior Executives share information about their career paths, experiences, tools and resources


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