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Welcome/Bienvenido to NAHFE's third Mentoring Program. We are excited that you are considering applying to our mentoring program. Over the last two years, we have heard participants feedback and have incorporated many of their great suggestions. As we all know, Hispanics represent 8.4 percent of the total permanent federal civilian workforce and 4.4 percent of the Senior Executive Service. The Mentoring Program organized by NAHFE, seeks to increase the number of Federal employees below senior executive levels to become qualified to meet the core qualifications to fill upper level positions principally, but not limited to, SES positions.


NAHFE's Mentoring Program seeks to achieve the following objectives:


  1. Promote an employees credentials, enrichment, personal growth, and development opportunities leading to promotion.
  2. Assure a mentee obtains critical insight into the organizations culture and an expanded view of the organizations operations.
  3. Enhance a mentees opportunities for career exploration by learning to appreciate the value of networking and the process by which it is accomplished.
  4. Increase knowledge of, and encourage participation of the mentee in employee development-relevant programs.

This 9-month, competitive program will facilitate mentoring, networking, career development training, and leadership development activities for NAHFE members selected to participate. The program will runs from February to October 2017. A maximum of 15 individuals will be selected to participate.


Apply to NAHFE's Mentoring Program


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For more information on the NAHFE's Mentoring Program please, send email to



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